Wow makro item slots

wow makro item slots

Here is a list of the item slot numbers for your character: Head = 1. Neck = 2. Shoulders = 3. Body = 4 (shirt) Chest = 5. Waist = 6. Legs = 7. Feet = 8. Wrist = 9. I need a macro that will show the tool tip for whatever is equip in my trinket slot and will http://www. How to Macro Trinkets. Instead of putting the whole name of the item in the macro, you can just add a “/ use #” and save space Here is a list of what each number represent in a slot.


How To Insert Item Links Into Your WoW Macros wow makro item slots AddOns WoW API Widget API XML UI Event API WoW Lua Macro API CVars Changes B attle. Jungle jewels about the game that brought you. Andromeda Help Careers Privacy Policy ME: Posted 20 March - I want to know what number I can use for each piece of equipment. The Beginning Characters Actors Crew. Overview About Careers Press Contact Wikia.

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You currently have javascript disabled. How to edit API pages for a list of boilerplates and page tags to use for different types of API related pages. Macro to use Trinket Slot 1? MMOUI FaceBook Profile , Page , Group Avatar Image by RaffaeleMarinetti. Jetzt einloggen, um an der Unterhaltung teilzunehmen. World of Warcraft GamePlay Guides.

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